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Healthcare Philanthropy Luncheon 2017 Honoree Video

Healthcare Foundation Philanthropy Luncheon

This year the Healthcare Foundation hosted our annual Healthcare Philanthropy Luncheon at the Vinters Inn, located in Santa Rosa. The afternoon was filled with heartfelt speeches and feelings of love and thanks for our northern Sonoma County community. Before we presented the awards to each honoree we displayed a quick video, catch those videos and a brief bio for each honoree below.

Wetzel Award: Bob and Sandy Comstock

Bob and Sandy Comstock have built a wonderful life and community together from the time they were college sweethearts, although they met in high school – a time in their lives when Sandy was a Jr. Volunteer at the local hospital in Torrance and Bob was a frequent flier in the emergency department for athletic injuries. They married in college and Bob started his career in banking while Sandy was a teacher and a flight attendant in the early years.
While Sandy was teaching and flying around the world, Bob was building his career, first with residential real estate, and then commercial real estate. He joined Security Pacific National Bank as a commercial real estate appraiser and was quickly promoted to Vice President and mortgage banking, making commercial loans in excess of $100 million throughout the United States. After leaving banking, Bob never looked back and over time built his own commercial real estate company and began developing his own projects.
The couple lived in Manhattan Beach and started coming to the wine country for their 20th wedding anniversary. Their early years started in Napa and they kept going back for years until friends introduced them to Sonoma County. They met Ralph Tingle, Tom Gore Sr. and the Wetzel family among others, and decided this was the place they wanted to retire.
By the time their two children, Kelly Comstock Ferris and Bob Comstock were in college they bought the property and home they now live in. Sandy lives there full time and now travels to Manhattan Beach, only “under duress” as she puts it, because this is her home now. Bob travels back and forth to southern California for business, but increasingly enjoys his time here.
The couple has been active supporters of Torrance Memorial Little Company of Mary Hospital, and the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve of Mammoth. They have long been active supporters of green space, environmental preserves, affordable housing and access to healthcare – for both communities in which they have lived, and through their real estate and wine businesses. They have been supporters of the Healthcare Foundation and a number of other causes, such as affordable housing, art and environmental causes.

Spirit of Wetzel: Holly and Skip Brand

Holly and Skip Brand founded the Healdsburg Running Company in 2014 with the simple goal of turning Healdsburg into HEALTHSBURG! Created with a commitment to reignite their shared passions for healthy living + small town living, and the sense of community that comes with it, the Brands turned their favorite getaway into their home base, developing HRC into a fun business that is part of Healdsburg’s active Community.
While Holly maintains her career as a 25+ year Bay Area Loan Consultant, commuting to HRC on the weekends, Skip was able to trade in running around Silicon Valley as a start-up CEO into running around the gorgeous countryside of Sonoma County, leading outdoor activities for new and experienced runners alike.
Holly & Skip met at Arizona State University, bonding over their small town Midwest backgrounds and combined passions for running, travel & Labradors.

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