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Healdsburg District Hospital Needs Your Help!

Healdsburg District Hospital Needs Your Help!

Please Donate Your Unused N95 Masks, Masks with Face Shields, Goggles, and Hand Sanitizer.

First of all, heartfelt greetings to you all as we struggle to cope with the coronavirus and its impact on our families, communities, and the world at large.

But for now, we’re reaching out with one very specific and urgent plea.

If there’s one certainty in these uncertain times, it’s this: when the medical professionals on the front lines of responding to the coronavirus pandemic don’t have personal protective equipment—this includes N95 masks, masks with face shields, goggles, and hand sanitizer—we are all in danger. Without this equipment, our valiant doctors and nurses are at risk of becoming infected themselves. And that risk extends to their patients, families, and our entire community.

Right now, our local medical personnel don’t have the gear they need.

Our recent fires have left many of us with something that’s far rarer in other parts of the country: unused N95 masks or other unused masks, especially those with face shields. Maybe you have unused masks or goggles tucked away in your closets and garages. Maybe you overbought hand sanitizer and realize you have more than you can use. If you have any of these supplies, please drop them off at Healdsburg District Hospital. The key stipulation is that these items have never been used: the hospital will not accept used items.

Healdsburg District Hospital is located at 1375 University Street. Leave your donations in the marked dropbox next to the tent outside the emergency entrance (see photo below)—do not enter the hospital facility.

HDH Dropbox for Donated Supplies

Just because we have to stay apart doesn’t mean we can’t stick together!

Joel Lewis

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