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Vaccine Update: March 2021

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations these days. The good news: More Sonoma County residents are getting vaccinated every day. The bad news: Information about the vaccine is still far more confusing than it should be.

Two weeks ago, for instance, the biggest question on people’s minds was, How do I get the vaccine? Now, at least as of March 5, the big question is, Where do I go to get it?

This is where the Healthcare Foundation comes in. While we’re not directly administering COVID-19 vaccines, we support a number of local and regional healthcare organizations that are, and we’re delighted to get involved and share information about when shots are available, and where residents need to go to get them.

We’ll get to the education part in a moment. First, some individual successes to share:

Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg has vaccinated more than 4,200 people who live in Healdsburg, Windsor, Geyserville and surrounding communities. With the help of many partners and volunteers, Alliance was able to vaccinate roughly 1,200 elders, almost 2,500 people of Latinx heritage, about 1,500 people who do not have health insurance, as well as public-school employees from Healdsburg and Windsor.


According to CEO Joan Churchill, AMC started injecting eligible patients with second doses this past weekend—a notable milestone considering that the vaccination effort started just a short three weeks ago.

“Alliance expects to continue offering mass vaccinations as our state and county open up vaccine opportunities to people in the grocery and restaurant industries,” she said. “[We] will seek to ensure small businesses in Healdsburg, Windsor, and Geyserville—especially minority-owned businesses and businesses employing minority staff in County-sanctioned categories—will have access.”

Farther north, at Alexander Valley Healthcare in Cloverdale, CEO Debbie Howell says her team vaccinated more than 5,000 seniors, agricultural workers and teachers between January 25 and February 26.

She added the center is hosting drive-through vaccine events weekly, and that these book up quickly.

Corazón Healdsburg, another Healthcare Foundation partner, continues to play a pivotal role in local vaccination efforts, helping community members connect with AMC, AVH, or other organizations to get vaccines as soon as they can.

How do you know if you’re eligible for a shot? The best way to determine current rules is to follow guidelines from the California Department of Public Health and the Sonoma County Division of Public Health. The county has put together a great resource with information on eligibility tiers and vaccine sites here.

As of this writing, Sonoma County was in Phase 1B, which includes people age 65 and older, people who work in education and childcare, agriculture and food manufacturing workers, emergency services, and grocery and restaurant workers.

Individuals who are eligible to be vaccinated should first contact their health-care provider or primary care physician for information on how they can receive a vaccine or to make an appointment.

Some general notes:

  • Kaiser members should contact their primary care provider here, or contact the Kaiser appointment or advice line to determine their eligibility and schedule an appointment.
  • Eligible individuals who receive primary care through Sutter Health should contact Sutter here, or call (844) 987-6115.
  • Eligible individuals who receive their primary care through St. Joseph Health system should contact St. Joseph to schedule an appointment.
  • Eligible individuals whose primary care providers are through a medical clinic will have an opportunity to be vaccinated through one of several clinics being set up through the County Health department.

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