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“...As a doctor and a policymaker, I often hear the question “what is it about black and brown people” that makes us more vulnerable to the virus? That question infuriates me. The science makes clear how powerfully our experiences and environments shape our biology. It has been clear for decades. Our daily experiences activate cascades of biological pathways. When those experiences are nurturing and enriching, they put us on a trajectory of wellness and resilience. But when those experiences are threatening and adverse, they accelerate us down the path of early disease and death. Racist oppression ensures that black and brown children bear a disproportionate burden of dehumanizing and traumatic experiences. Science shows it is sickening them and killing them.”

- California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Health Equity Series

The Board and staff of the Healthcare Foundation are committed to educating ourselves about the most difficult issues of our time as we engage in our strategic planning process. We invite you to join us on this journey of self-education focused on health inequities. We have chosen bite-sized Ted Talks, articles, poems, comedy sketches, and other resources, so feel free to dip in whenever you have a moment. Our hope is to create a common understanding of the current health equities in the United States, and how together, we may create a world in which everyone has access to a healthy life.