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Host: Kim Bender

Kim Bender believes all people deserve to live healthy and fulfilling lives. She is a collaborative team leader with a vision of creating a just and caring community for all. Kim brings a focus on social justice and over twenty years of experience raising funds and developing programs to the executive director role at the Healthcare Foundation. After five years as the development director at the Glide Foundation in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Kim spent the last year coaching executives at small organizations in the areas of board development and capacity building. One of her guiding principles for communication with all supporters, whether individuals or institutions, is “no stories without data and no data without stories.” Kim has enjoyed working with volunteers on difficult issues of our time, from income inequality to the housing crisis, and looks forward to working with this community on healthcare access and local issues related to the global pandemic. Now in Healdsburg, Kim delights in exploring the scenic byways of Sonoma County on her bicycle.

Moderator: Laura Kimbro, DO, FACOG, NCMP

Dr. Laura Kimbro, a highly regarded expert with more than twenty years of experience working in the field of women’s health, has recently launched the new Center for Women’s Health, a specialized gynecology practice, in Sonoma County, CA. With an extensive history working with women of all ages and backgrounds, Dr. Kimbro specializes in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, vulvar conditions, and issues associated with sexual health.

A compassionate listener and thorough physician, Dr. Kimbro’s approach takes into account the many factors that influence wellbeing, including each patient’s physical, psychological and emotional needs. She provides a nurturing environment where women feel comfortable, genuinely cared for, and encouraged to share the most personal of health concerns.

The cornerstone of Dr. Kimbro’s specialized approach is founded in the principles of total health and wellbeing. She offers excellent healthcare, is passionate about nutrition, fitness, and preventive medicine, and is experienced in treating both acute and chronic conditions.

Taking a comprehensive, integrative approach to her practice, Dr. Kimbro values developing long-lasting partnerships with her patients, and over the course of her career she has successfully helped many of them on their path to achieving vibrant, active, and healthy lives.

Dr. Kimbro holds an undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Biological Sciences, and earned her medical degree at Southeastern University of Osteopathic Medicine. She did her residency at Banner University Medical Center (formerly Good Samaritan) in Phoenix, Arizona. She practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Phoenix area for more than twenty years, specializing in menopause and sexual health, and was repeatedly recognized as a “Top Doc” by Phoenix Magazine.


Senator Mike McGuire

Senator Mike McGuire was first elected to the Healdsburg School Board when he was 19 years old. In 2004, he was elected to the Healdsburg City Council and in 2010 was elected to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors where he served for four years.

In December of 2014, Mike was sworn into the State Senate where he represents the Second Senate District, which stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon Border. His district includes Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin counties.

Mike is the Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, and sits on the Budget Committee, Transportation & Housing Committee and on the Energy Committee.

Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS

Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS, was elected in 2014 and serves the people in California’s 2nd Assembly District, which comprises all of Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties plus northern and coastal Sonoma County, including the northern half of Santa Rosa.

Wood opened a family dental practice in Cloverdale in 1987. He was elected to the Healdsburg City Council in 2006, serving two terms as mayor. During that period the council passed a local ordinance prohibiting the sale of tobacco to anyone younger than 21.

He has been chair of the Assembly Health Committee since early 2016. Wood’s priorities in the Assembly include health care, environmental protection, housing, homelessness and economic development, especially in rural areas. He continues to advocate for the homeless, beyond just shelters, for the wraparound services they need to make the transition to a stable home life successful.

Wood has been a leader in passing legislation to protect and expand access to medical, dental and mental health care and containing health care costs. He began, in 2016, by co-authoring AB 72 which prevented surprise medical billing. He has attacked the ever-increasing costs of pharmaceutical drugs by curbing the marketing practices of drug companies that use discount coupons for brand name drugs when less expensive generics are available; increasing public transparency in how drug companies set prices; exposing how discounts and rebates affect how pharmacy benefit managers do business; and preventing the use pay-for-delay schemes between brand name and generic companies. Wood has also passed legislation to prevent corporate dialysis monopolies from using third-party contributions to inflate their reimbursement rates. He has also addressed one of our country’s most serious health issues – opioids – and is invested in the state’s process of identifying how California can provide health care to all.

Gary Greene, MD, FIDSA

Dr. Gary Greene is an infectious disease expert and HIV disease expert at Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation in Santa Rosa. He was born and raised in a large working-class family in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Sonoma County with his wife in 2001. After studying medicine at Georgetown University, he became interested in the field of infectious disease after caring for a patient with severe malaria in 1993. Gary is honored to dedicate his life to medicine, and is humbled and gratified to walk with patients during times in life punctuated by illness and suffering.

Dr. Greene holds a Medical Doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine, along with a Baccalaureate Degree in Zoology & Chemistry from Northern Arizona University. He served his residency in Internal Medicine at the Medical Center of Delaware and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, and served an Infectious Disease Fellowship at the UCLA School of Medicine. He worked as a Public Health Officer in Natrona County, Wyoming, and was subsequently the Chief of Infectious Diseases at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa before moving to Sutter Pacific in 2019. Dr. Greene is board-certified in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, and has been honored with the Sonoma County Top Doctor’s Recognition for Santa Rosa, the Sydney R. Garfield MD award, the Lawrence Patient Safety Kaiser Award, the Educator of the Year Award at Santa Rosa Kaiser, the Sonoma County Public Health Champion Award, and the Outstanding Teaching Award at Wyoming Family Practice Residency.

Susannah Labbe, PNP

Susannah has over 20 years of experience in health care leadership. She is passionate about working with the medically underserved and committed to improving access to quality health care for all residents of Sonoma County. She is currently the Medical Director of Alliance Medical Centers in Healdsburg and Windsor California. Alliance is a Federally Qualified Health Care Center that has been providing medical, dental, and behavioral health care in Sonoma County since 1971. Before joining Alliance Susannah was a member of the Faculty Medical Group providing residency training with UCSF Fresno. She has experience driving organizational transformation to adapt to changing environments that support continuous and dynamic improvement. She recognizes that COVID-19 has forever changed the global Health Care landscape but is optimistic that this tragedy will also allow for sustainable improvements in our health care delivery system.