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You make the difference! The Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County gratefully honors individual and corporate donors, Healthcare Heroes, and sponsors who enable us to meet our mission.


Healthcare Heroes: BOLD     Healthcare Hero Community Partners: +     Legacy Donors: *    Board Members: Italics

Last updated 11/12/2021


Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb*
Marc and Jeanie Kahn
Partnership HealthPlan of California



E. & J. Gallo Winery+
John Jordan Foundation



Mark Freed
Bruce Golden and Michelle Mercer
Ariel and Tim Kelley
Douglas and Julianne Muhleman



Terry Atkinson
Barth Vision & Optical
Big John's Market+
Courtney Cochran and Ronald Du Preez
Scott Hafner and Bill Glenn
Dick Hafner
Mark and Elizabeth Hanson


Hotel Healdsburg+
Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill*
Donna Merideth and Eddie Merideth*
Alan and Susan Preston
Kathy Taylor



Amista Vineyards
Bank of Marin
Beth Berkson and Rob Das
Bricoleur Vineyards
Cee Scott Brown
Raymond and Patricia Chambers
Constellation Brands - Beer Division
Bridget Doherty
Gardenworks Inc.
Supervisor James Gore and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gore

Richard and Elena Halvorsen
Joan Haratani
Bruce Mentzer and Anthony Solar
PFM Law+
Katie Rosson and Gibson Scheid
Tim McDonald and Robert Scott
Richard and Mary Ellen Smith
Summit State Bank


Gary and Delores Arabian
Edward and Kyle Baker
Jerry Anderson and Tricia Coxhead
John Dayton and Dr. Lisa Gallagher Dayton
Steve Deas and Jane Rosenberg
Ann Elston and Larry Lossing
Encore Events Rentals
Enso Village
Kim and Mike Flowers
Kerry Francis and John Jimerson
Garden Creek Vineyards & Winery

Garden Society
Guaranteed Rate+
Tom Hartfield and Mimi Gurbst
Hafner Vineyard
Halvorsen Solar Service
Mona Hanes and Kevin Gay*
Kay Harrigan Woods
Healdsburg Hospital
Congressman Jared Huffman and
Mrs. Susan Huffman
Amy Hunsberger and Chris Hunsberger
Dr. Laura Kimbro Chechile and Mr. Tom Chechile*

Francisco Lopez and Shauna Lopez
Marilyn Michelon
Sheryl and Robert Morgensen
Danielle Restieaux Murphy and Matthew Murphy
Mel and Holly Schatz
Anneke Seley and Jack Oswald
Circe Sher and Mateo Granados
Steve and Wendy Smit
Congressman Mike Thompson and Janet Thompson
Assemblymember Jim Wood
Susan and Jerry Wunderlich
Michelle Zygielbaum


Ann and Dale Amtower
Tim Barny and Melinda Barnard
Battle Family Foundation
Kim Bender and Nick Sanders
Shirley Bennett

Robert Markowitz and Christine Berardo
Berry Financial & Insurance Solutions
Christopher and Jenean Bingham
Bon Ton Studio
Breathless Sparkling Wines
Kaleigh Bulloch Whitehall and O.J. Whitehall
Butterfly Aviation
Sue Campbell and John McKinney
Samantha Campbell
Carmen and Perri Castaldi
Dena and Richard Cochran
Bob and Sandy Comstock
Geoff and Nancy Dalwin
Deborah and John Dart
Edgar and Judy Deas
Bruce and Suzel Deas

Eric and Mary Drew
Eddinger Enterprises Inc.
Becky Ennis
Andy and Suzanne Esquivel
Linda Farwell
Mary Fitzgerald and Carl Milfeit
Jennifer Fournier
Bob Gain and Tim Wingard*
Dani Gasparini and Alyn Beals
Glenn Grigg
Joe and Joline Harrington
Andrea Helfer
Georgia and Ric Helthall
Don and Ann Hill
Jay Hunsberger and Chad Hostetler
Patricia Jackson
Coralie Jenner
Jean Lalla and Mark Stiger
Jason Liles and Cynthia Boaz
Al and Dina Lopez
Denny Martin and Roy Reynolds

Katie and Denny Murphy*
Scott Newman and Mary di Benedetti
Oliver & Company, Inc.
Gloria Opperman
Bruce and Mary Ott
Ron and Jane Pavelka
PDI Surgery Center
Stu Harrison and David Ring
Kathi Safford and Rick Safford
Champa and Sanjay Saigal
Ralph and Janice Sceales
Mel and Holly Schatz
Richard and Joyce Scramaglia
Lacey Sher
Steven Taylor
Valla Family Foundation
Janet and Michael Verlander
Dr. Steven Ungerleider and Ms. Joanna Rice
Dr. Jed Weissberg and Ms. Shelley Roth
Tom Willis and Julie Henderson
Annie and Montgomery Woods
Wright Contracting


Katherine and Robert Angell
Yvonne Baner
Carol Beattie
Scott Beattie and Sharia Pierce
Marla and Thomas Berkenkamp
Darnell and Alma Bowen
Heather Cappiello
Costeaux French Bakery
Barbara Epstein
Jon Joseph and Lynne Esselstein

Jeffrey Fahrenbruch
Ken and Moira Feingold
Marie Gewirtz
Sarah and Parke Hafner
Michael Hall and Rafael Campos
Richard Iverson
Councilmember Esther Lemus
Rob and Karla Lippincott
Melita Love
Ingrid Maltrud
Mindy Marantz and Stuart Rudolph
Sarah Marikos

Dr. Rachel Mayorga
Evelyn Mitchell
Bill and Elizabeth Nachbaur
Jane Paneitz and Thaddeus Golas
Wanda Tapia and Richard Thomson
Dr. John Tomasin and Mrs. Julie Tomasin
Dr. C. Roger Turk and Mrs. Stephanie Turk
Michael Valdovinos, PsyD, ABPP
Matt Villano
Deb Viola and Jake Jacobsen
Jonas Weil, III


Dr. David Anderson and
Mrs. Catherine Anderson

Montserrat Archila
James and Gina Berry
Jenness Brewer
Timothy and Margaret Brown
Elise Bulger
Joan Churchill and Richard Adam
Mayor Marta Cruz-Concepcion
Melinda Dexter

Joseph Ferrucci
Amber Figueroa

Melanie Hall
Susan Hubbard
Jeanne Kearns
Lambert Bridge Winery
Terry and Tim Leach
Liz Loebel
Lee and Dan Magnuson
Senator Mike McGuire and Mrs. Erika McGuire
Mary Jane and Lloyd Mittelstadt

Sally and Robert Nicholson
Jerry and Alison Ogden
Samantha and Rick Paull
Douglas Pile and Janice Pile
Dr. Robert Pousman and Mrs. Laura Pousman
Margaret Sluyk
Mark Thayer and Jean Herschede
Terry and Kathy Tremblay
Judy Voigt
Warren and Janis Watkins
Andrea Wolcott


Dayton and Shelley Adams
Ellen Barnett, M.D.
Carrie Brown
Archana and Vijay Chattha
Theresa Christiansen
Tiffani Clarke
Anna Darden
Cynthia Doubleday
Judy Edmonds and E.J. Neil
Daniel and Sonja Erickson
Renay and Michael Fanelli
Ron Ferrato and Olimpo Cerda
Paul Frechette
Karen Gardner

Kathryn and Ryan Hecht
Betty Hersch
Donald Hill and Carolyn Ross
Susan Hogeland
Anne Jenkins
Steven Johnson
Linda Kachiu
Terry Kemp
Herb and Beverly Liberman
David McChesney
Lynn McIntyre
Bill and Lisa Meisner
Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital
David and Lois Nitchman

Claire O'Neill
Nubia Padilla
Gina and Randy Parmeter
David and Betty Scatena
Hanna and Richard Scramaglia
Bill and Danielle Smart
Sonoma County Child & Family Counseling, Inc.
Christina Stafford
Karen Tappin and Family
Kirsten and Steve Tellez
Karen Thomas and Dale Bender
Madeline and Dick Wallace
Jade Weymouth
Sam and Shelley Witten
Women Making Music

Up to $100

Anonymous (2)
Chris and Phyllis Baldenhofer
Holly Hunt
Mirin Lew

Joel Lewis
Amy and Brian Mandrier
Sophia Grace Mandrier

Mary Mariani

Molly and Charlie Meeker
Steven Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rinne
Maria Smith

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