Healthcare Foundation

Current Grantees

Healthcare Foundation 2017 Grants

The Healthcare Foundation has made grant and project commitments to the following impact partners for 2017.

Access to Primary Care

Grants of $100,000 to Alliance Medical Center and Alexander Valley Healthcare for primary medical and dental care for uninsured and underinsured local patients

Access to Acute Dental Clinic

Grant of $100,000 to PDI Surgery Center for local promotores to educate low-income parents and children about nutrition and proper dental care.

Healthcare Scholarships

Sonoma State University scholarships for nurse practitioner students who want to remain in the area and work after graduation.

Resource Mapping Project

This project brings together direct service providers to meet each other, learn about each other’s services, needs, gaps, and available resources to share in order to create greater synergies and efficiency. This project will help providers learn more about each other and improve their working relationships in order to share knowledge and resources. It will also yield great information from which a visual map and resource directory listing information can be shared with law enforcement, healthcare service providers, funders and more.

Supporting Our Hospital

We are pleased to announce that we finished the $6 million fundraising campaign for technology upgrades to the Healdsburg District Hospital and now are supporting the purchase and installment of the new MRI to serve our community. Thank you to the Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation for the $3 million dollar match to make this possible.