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Donate to the Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative

After last fall's devastating wildfires, access to mental health counseling is more important than ever. Almost one-fourth of wildfire survivors experience Post-Traumatic Stress, and one-third experience depression. Given the tremendous shortage of mental health professionals, we know this will be a huge issue for our community in the coming months.

To address this need, we've partnered with the National Alliance for Mental Health Sonoma County (NAMI), the Veterans Affairs' National Center for PTSD, Stanford University, Redwood Psychological Association (RPA), Alliance Medical Center, Redwood Empire-California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (RE-CAMFT), Sonoma County Behavioral Health Division, and other organizations to establish the Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative. Together, the Collaborative will implement community-wide strategies to ensure that everyone affected by the fires has access to mental health for short- and long-term coping and healing.