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Introducing Our New Social Media Manager, Melissa Gomez

The Healthcare Foundation is fortunate to have a small but mighty staff dedicated to supporting the vision of eliminating health inequities in our region by keeping all aspects of the work we do humming along day by day. That includes making sure the way we communicate over social media is accessible, meaningful, helpful, and inspiring to our community. To this end, we are very pleased to welcome Melissa Gomez to the team in the role of the Healthcare Foundation’s social media manager. When not enlivening our social channels, Melissa is a full-time graduate student with a focus on healthcare and health equity. In the following exchange, she shares a little about herself and the broader interests that inspire her in her new role.

What brought you to your new role at the Healthcare Foundation?

Although communications and marketing is not my career path, it is something that combines a number of the things I enjoy doing: advocating, writing and helping others. Being a first-generation college student, a Latina, the daughter of two struggling working-class parents, and a caregiver for my siblings, all helped me develop the instinct for serving my community. This evolved into a passion, which led me to study sociology and gerontology. I began doing social media management at my first job at Generation Housing, where I learned how social justice is intersectional, and also how powerful and crucial social media is in creating true change. I am happy to be able to spread awareness and compassion through these channels.

What speaks to you most about the mission of the Healthcare Foundation?

The Healthcare Foundation’s mission focuses on helping underserved communities, and this speaks to me. I am motivated by a career in gerontology because it focuses on enhancing human well-being, it helps the most underserved, it is diverse, and because I marvel at the universal trait that is aging.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Not only do I get to highlight and promote the amazing work my colleagues are doing, but I also get to help frame the social issues that are currently affecting our community. I get to be in the loop of current events while amplifying the Healthcare Foundation’s mission, to include more people and grow our collective power to positively influence the health and well-being of the region. It’s extremely rewarding to be supporting the community in this way.

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