A Conversation with Tim McDonald and Bob Scott

1 min read. Longtime donors and Cloverdale residents Tim McDonald and Bob Scott share their thoughts.

Tim McDonald and husband Bob Scott moved to Cloverdale in 2011 and currently serve the Cloverdale community as Priest and Deacon, respectively, in the Episcopal Church. They both have a strong commitment to the community and have served on many boards, from the Boys and Girls Club to Alexander Valley Healthcare, among others.

How did you first become aware of the Healthcare Foundation?

The Healthcare Foundation is a vital partner in providing grants to assist in the needs of our community. The Foundation was a good fit for the things important to us, especially in helping those experiencing barriers to obtaining physical and mental healthcare. 

What are the aspects of the Healthcare Foundation’s work and mission you find most valuable?

The Healthcare Foundation has evolved over the years to an organization that is focused on more segments of the northern Sonoma County population. We so appreciate the move toward underserved communities. This includes the growth in support for such amazing organizations as Alliance Medical Center, Alexander Valley Healthcare, La Familia Sana, Reach for Home, and others. Addressing the needs for today while working on projected future needs is critically important.

The overall mission, “We connect people and resources to promote wellness in underserved communities,” is essential if our county is to thrive. The idea of “it takes a village” resonates for us. We are all in this together and our gifts of time and money help us to move forward in the care of our fellow human beings.

What do you most appreciate about northern Sonoma County?

The generosity of its people is amazing. As many of us have come to realize the needs of our community, many have stepped up to make equity not just a word, but an action.

What are some of your hopes for the future of the region?

We are pleased to support those endeavors that concentrate on internship programs in mental healthcare. Our hope is that the Healthcare Foundation continues to focus on the healthcare needs of the unsheltered, farmworkers, and other disadvantaged people. We believe that this will go a long way to addressing our current and future needs in northern Sonoma County.

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