Community Response Teams: Cooperation and Resilience at the Grassroots

Pictured: Nuestra Communidad staff with information and supplies for community health and safety.

Beginning in February 2022, the Healthcare Foundation initiated a five-month planning process to collaboratively develop local Community Response Teams (CRTs) across Sonoma County. Inspired by the extremely effective, hyper-local networks established over the last two years by community-based organizations involved in Covid vaccine outreach and education, CRTs use a geographic “zone” approach. The lead CRT organizations are: Corazón Healdsburg for North County; La Luz Center for Sonoma Valley; Petaluma Health Care District for Petaluma and Rohnert Park; Center for Well-Being for Santa Rosa and Sebastopol; and River to Coast Children’s Services for the coastal areas of West County. The goal of this planning phase was for each lead agency to articulate lessons learned during Covid, identify local resources, and develop local strategies to improve coordination both within their geographic zones and across the county as the beginning of local CRTs.

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