Healthcare Foundation

Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes are donors who make three-year commitments for their annual gift. Annual gifts are the most important gifts donors can make to the Healthcare Foundation because they can be used fluidly to support the areas of greatest need.

Unrestricted annual gifts help the Healthcare Foundation meet current healthcare challenges and build solutions to those. By making a three-year commitment, the Healthcare Foundation can sustainably grow its work in meeting the mission of leading and convening community partners in strategic healthcare conversations and planning. 

There are many ways of giving - by check, credit card , electronic fund transfer, here on our website, or by making a gift of stock transferred to the Healthcare Foundation.

Our current healthcare heroes are:

Norbert Babin / James Berry / Courtney Cochran and Ronald Du Preez / Anna Darden / Nancy Dayton / Kim Flowers / Bob Gain / Erin Gore / Barbara Grasseschi / Scott Hafner / Bill Hawn / Ariel and Tim Kelley / Denis Killen / Laura Kimbro / Sharon Leighty / Kim Lloyd / Melita Love / Denny Martin / Debbie Mason / Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill / Eddie and Donna Merideth / Doug and Julie Muhleman / Ralph and Janice Sceales / Richard and Mary Ellen Smith / Ross Stromberg / Dr. Steven Ungerleider and Joanna Rice / Amy Vaccari Mandrier / Deb Viola

Together, we care!