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Healthcare Heroes


Healthcare Heroes are donors who make three-year commitments for their annual gift. Annual gifts are the most important gifts donors can make to the Healthcare Foundation because they can be used fluidly to support the areas of greatest need.

Unrestricted annual gifts help the Healthcare Foundation meet current healthcare challenges and build solutions to those. By making a three-year commitment, the Healthcare Foundation can sustain-ably grow its work in meeting the mission of leading and convening community partners in strategic healthcare conversations and planning.

The easiest way to become a Healthcare Hero is to sign up for a three-year pledge using the form on this page. You can also give by check, credit card , electronic fund transfer, or by making a gift of stock transferred to the Healthcare Foundation.

Our current Healthcare Heroes are:


Anonymous (4) / Norbert Babin / Patrick and Nichole Baker / T Barny and Melinda Barnard / Virgil and Carol Beasley / Shirley Bennett / James and Gina Berry / Aaron and Breanne Beseda / Harry and Karen Bosworth / Skip and Holly Brand / Don and Thera Buttaro / Jerry and Mary Jane Campbell / Samantha Campbell / Rudy Campos / Tom Chechile and Dr. Laura Kimbro Chechile / Richard and Dena Cochran / Bob and Theresa Coey / Bob and Sandy Comstock / Tony Crabb and Barbara Grasseschi / Nancy Dayton / Edgar and Judy Deas / Bridget Doherty / Brad Drexler, M.D. and Pamela Ann Drexler / Steve and Robin Drotter / Ronald Du Preez and Courtney Cochran / Herb and Jane Dwight / Matt and Tiffany Erickson / Michael and Vicky Farrow / Ronald Ferrato / Chris Ferris and Kelly Comstock-Ferris / Traci Finnerty / Bob and Elisha Finney / Daniel and Barbara Fitzgerald / Michael and Kim Flowers / Steve and Deidre Fredson / Guy and Beverly French / Bob Gain and Tim Wingard / Walter Gendell and Jack Fitzsimmons / April Gomes / Tom and Erin Gore / Supervisor James Gore and Mrs. Elizabeth Gore / Mateo Granados and Circe Sher / Richard Hafner / Parke and Sarah Hafner / Scott Hafner and Bill Glenn / William Hawn / Jim and Bonnie Headley / Ryan and Kathryn Hecht / Eric and Georgia Helthall / Don and Ann Hill / Willi Hilliard / Congressman Jared Huffman and Mrs. Susan Huffman / Christopher and Amy Hunsberger / Marc and Jeanie Kahn / Jesse and Sarah Katz / Douglas and Lael Keane / Tim and Ariel Kelley / Denis Killen / Barbara Lannin / Sharon Leighty / Susan Lentz / Joel Lewis / Jason Liles and Cynthia Boaz / Robert and Karla Lippincott / John and Kim Lloyd / Malinalli Lopez / Lawrence Lossing and Ann Marie Elston / Melita Love / Brian Mandrier and Amy Vaccari Mandrier / Debbie Mason/ Cameron and Ashley Mauritson / Clay and Carrie Mauritson / Jack and Hilary May / Dr. Rachel Mayorga / Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill / State Senator Mike McGuire and Mrs. Erika McGuire / John McKinney and Sue Campbell / Bill and Lisa Meisner / Eddie and Donna Merideth / Carl Milfeit and Mary Fitzgerald / Emma and Danielle Moore-Hughes / Douglas and Juli Muhleman / Denny and Katie Murphy / Jim and Chris Nantell / Claire O'Neill / Rick and Samantha Paull / Adrienne Pettit / Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Pile / Mike and Debbie Potmesil / Roy Reynolds and Denny Martin / Ari and Dawnelise Rosen / Stuart Rudolph and Mindy Marantz / Ralph and Janice Sceales / Bob Scott and Tim McDonald / Bill and Danielle Smart / Steve and Wendy Smit / Dick and Mary Ellen Smith / Ken and June Spadoni / Barbara Stevens / Hayden Stratton / Ross Stromberg / Kirsten Tellez / Congressman Mike Thompson / Dr. Steven Ungerleider and Joanna Rice / Kathy Vayder / Matt and Nicole Villano / Jake Jacobsen and Deb Viola / Warren and Janis Watkins / Hank and Linda Wetzel / Sam and Shelley Witten / Andrea Wolcott / Assemblymember Jim Wood

*Updated 12.20.19

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