Healthcare Foundation

"Join me today in becoming a Healthcare Hero!"
- Sophia Mandrier


The Healthcare Hero program is the cornerstone of our annual fundraising efforts. With your help, we provide grants to frontline organizations working to promote health and wellness in underserved communities. As a Healthcare Hero, you provide stable, unrestricted revenue that allows the Healthcare Foundation the flexibility to respond to our community's urgent healthcare challenges and build lasting solutions.

Healthcare Heroes are donors who make three-year annual commitments of any amount to support of our vision of eliminating health inequities in northern Sonoma County.

Yes, I would like to become a Healthcare Hero.

Your Healthcare Hero gift can be fulfilled monthly, quarterly or annually. In addition to accepting checks, we offer no-fee electronic fund transfer (EFT) or credit card options to facilitate automatic payments. We also welcome gifts of appreciated stock. Want to double your impact? Please explore matching gift opportunities through your employer.

For questions or to learn more about how to become a Healthcare Hero, please contact Mary Ott, Individual Giving Officer at or (707) 473-0553.

Recognition of your Healthcare Hero contribution will be listed on our website and in our annual report. You will also receive special updates on Healthcare Foundation initiatives and grantee news.

Healthcare Heroes as of 1/5/2021


Ariel and Tim Kelley



Herb and Jane Dwight
Marc and Jeanie Kahn



Bob and Sandy Comstock
Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb
Scott Hafner and Bill Glenn
Kim and John Lloyd
Katie Rosson and Gibson Scheid
Dick and Mary Ellen Smith



Mel and Geri Amato
Nichole Baker
T Barny and Melinda Barnard
Dr. Virgil Beasley and Mrs. Carol Beasley
Skip and Holly Brand
Sue Campbell
Courtney Cochran and Ronald Du Preez
Dena and Richard Cochran
Tricia Coxhead and Jerry Anderson
Dr. Lisa Gallagher Dayton and John Dayton
Edgar and Judy Deas

Bridget Doherty
Dr. Hallie Beacham and Mr. Paul Downey
Bob Gain and Tim Wingard
Richard Hafner
Mona Hanes and Kevin Gay
Bonnie and James Headley
Georgia and Ric Helthall
Amy and Christopher Hunsberger
Dr. Laura Kimbro Chechile and Mr. Tom Chechile
Barbara Lannin
Jason Liles and Cynthia Boaz
Patrick Llerena

Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill
Tim McDonald and Bob Scott
Donna and Eddie Merideth
Douglas and Juli Muhleman
Katie and Denny Murphy
Danielle Restieaux Murphy and Matthew Murphy
Circe Sher and Mateo Granados
Steve and Wendy Smit
Congressman Mike Thompson and Janet Thompson
Valla Family Foundation
Harry and Linda Wetzel


Yvonne J. Baner
Kim Bender and Nick Sanders
Shirley Bennett
Harry and Karen Bosworth
Kelly Comstock-Ferris and Chris Ferris
Deidre and Steve Fredson
Supervisor James Gore and Mrs. Elizabeth Gore

Congressman Jared Huffman and
Mrs. Susan Huffman
Councilwoman Esther Lemus
Susan Lentz
Rob and Karla Lippincott
Melita Love
Ingrid Maltrud
Mindy Marantz and Stuart Rudolph
Ashley and Cameron Mauritson

Clay and Carrie Mauritson
Dr. Rachel Mayorga
Evelyn Mitchell
Jim and Chris Nantell
Jerry and Alison Ogden
Ralph and Janice Sceales
Barbara Stevens
Deb Viola and Jake Jacobsen


Dr. David Anderson and Catherine Anderson
James and Gina Berry
Ann Marie Elston and Lawrence Lossing
Walter Gendell and Jack Fitzsimmons
Marie Gewirtz
Joe and Joline Harrington

Sarah and Parke Hafner
Denny Martin and Roy Reynolds
Jack and Hilary May
Senator Mike McGuire and Mrs. Erika McGuire
Samantha and Rick Paull
Dr. Douglas Pile and Mrs. Janice Pile

Michael Smith and David Arrigotti
Terry and Kathy Tremblay
Matt and Nicole Villano
Donna Vincent
Andrea Wolcott
Assemblymember Jim Wood

Up to $250/year

Anonymous (3)
Ellen Barnett, M.D.
Christine Berardo and Robert Markowitz
Breanne and Aaron Beseda
Jerry and Mary Jane Campbell
Samantha Campbell
Rudy Campos
Theresa Coey
Dr. Brad Drexler and Mrs. Pamela Anne Drexler
Robin and Steve Drotter
Judy Edmonds and E.J. Neil
Barbara Epstein
Tiff and Matt Erickson
Renay and Michael Fanelli

Luna Federici
Ron Ferrato and Olimpo Cerda
Barbara and Daniel Fitzgerald
Guy and Beverly French
April Gomes
Kathryn and Ryan Hecht
Don and Ann Hill
Holly Hunt
Douglas and Lael Keane
Joel Lewis
Amy and Brian Mandrier
Sophia Mandrier
Steven Martin
Emma and Danielle Moore-Hughes
Claire O'Neill

Gina and Randy Parmeter
Adirenne Pettit
Mike and Debbie Potmesil
Dawnelise and Ari Rosen
Hanna and Richard Scramaglia
Bill and Danielle Smart
Maria Smith
Ken and June Spadoni
Hayden Stratton
Karen Tappin and Family
Stephen and Kirsten Tellez
Kathy Vayder and Gregory Berg
Warren Watkins
Sam and Shelley Witten