Press Democrat: Bilingual/Bicultural Trainees to Bring Services to North Sonoma County Mental Health Desert

4 min read. The Mental Health Talent Pipeline is an education program that provides scholarships to bilingual and bicultural students seeking a master's degree in counseling psychology. Article by Martin Espinoza; photos taken by Christopher Chung.

A proud moment for the Healthcare Foundation family! We are thrilled and honored to see our passion project, the Mental Health Talent Pipeline, in the spotlight Press Democrat! This is a testament to the remarkable strides we’re making in empowering bilingual and bicultural students to pursue their master’s degree in counseling psychology. We want to thank our community and partners for standing for all the support. Here’s to a future where mental health education knows no bounds! Join us in expanding equitable access by making a donation today, and your contribution will be matched by Gene and Suzanne Valla!

Read the full feature on the Press Democrat’s website here, or download a PDF of the article here.

University of San Francisco Associate Professor Dr. Daniela Dominguez coordinates a unique program that provides full-ride scholarships to bilingual/bicultural mental health professionals who are becoming marriage and family therapists. Photo taken in Sonoma on Friday, August 4, 2023. (Christopher Chung/The Press Democrat)

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