Spotlight on Our Sponsors

Our profound thanks to the sponsors of our upcoming Celebrate Our Future Gala!

Visionary Sponsors

Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb

“We are proud to support the Healthcare Foundation’s vision of eliminating health inequities in northern Sonoma County. The health implications of racism are real. We recognize the resulting disparities, and how they affect who gets sick and who doesn’t. We are working hard to address these realities by joining forces with other nonprofits who share our values to promote wellness in underserved communities.”

Marc and Jeanie Kahn

“We are so gratified to be part of the Healthcare Foundation’s focus on providing much-needed mental health care to the most vulnerable and least-served citizens of our community. We need to ensure that there are no barriers to healthcare access.”

Douglas and Juli Muhleman

“We are very happy to contribute to support the Healthcare Foundation because of its outreach to a wide diversity of people in our community, closing the healthcare gap and bringing quality healthcare and healthy outcomes to those in need. We are grateful for the hard work that they do to generally improve the quality of life for all of us in northern Sonoma County!”

Champion Sponsors

Terry Atkinson and Kathy Taylor

“We appreciate the way the Healthcare Foundation collaborates with other local nonprofits to improve access to healthcare for folks outside the system. Covid has made it clear that organizations can’t work in silos anymore if we want to be effective. It takes a village, and it takes leadership.”

Gary Barth, M.D. of Barth Vision and Optical

“The fact that you identify and vet the providers that are making a difference and enhance their ability to focus on what they do well, whether it’s early childhood development, or Alliance, or mental health, or training young mental health professionals to get degrees and stay in the community. The fact that you look for people who are both bilingual and bicultural and provide them support… Those are all legacy, foundational efforts. When you train someone, especially if they stay in the county, it’s fantastic.”

Circe Sher, owner, Hotel Healdsburg

“Our support is about the longstanding good work that the Healthcare Foundation has been doing for 20 years. As a gala sponsor and year-round Healthcare Hero Community Partner, we support the urgent health and mental health needs in our community. I have witnessed the stress local hospitality workers have been under with the uncertainty in the industry followed by a rush to return to business. The Healthcare Foundation has made critical investments in increasing the number of bilingual, bicultural mental health providers. Making mental health services available is crucial right now in support of our community.”

We’d also like to offer our most sincere appreciation to Champion Sponsors

Bruce Golden and Michelle Mercer


You too can become a sponsor for our Celebrate Our Future Gala on August 28, 2021!

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