Donor Spotlight: Mark and Elizabeth Hanson of Bricoleur Vineyards

We're pleased to share an interview with Mark and Elizabeth Hanson of Bricoleur Vineyards and exceptional supporters of the Healthcare Foundation.

This month, we are pleased to share a conversation with the Hanson Family who own and operate the Russian River Valley’s Bricoleur Vineyards. Mark Hanson and Elizabeth Wall Hanson have been exceptional supporters of the Healthcare Foundation’s mission. Healthcare Foundation Board member Amy Hunsberger reached out to them recently to learn more about the reasons behind the stalwart support they have shown for health equity across our region.

How has the work and life you have forged in Sonoma County informed your relationship to the area and the people?

Bricoleur Vineyards was founded as a gathering place where people can relax to enjoy family and friends with world-class wine and food while taking in the natural beauty of Sonoma County. Through wine tastings and charitable gatherings at our winery we have met some amazing Sonoma County families who embrace our values to give back to the community with gratitude.

How have your work and life experiences informed your thinking about health and wellness?

Life can be short. Yet, we believe living life in balance, eating and drinking fresh, locally grown and produced products, which many people in Sonoma County support, can help with our health and wellness.

What is it that connects you to the Healthcare Foundation’s mission?

Today’s healthcare system is in need of change. We believe that the Healthcare Foundation is trying to provide some extra aid and resources to address these issues locally, which is critically needed. We are thankful that we are able to help support this organization.

What is it that you find most unique about northern Sonoma County?

We find the people, natural beauty, amazing diversity of food and wine, and support for the local community to set Sonoma County apart.

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