Héroes destacados de la atención médica

Healthcare Heros as of 1.24.23

¡Agradecemos el apoyo sostenido de nuestros generosos Héroes de la Salud !

Dr. David Anderson and Mrs. Catherine Anderson
Katherine and Robert Angell
Gary and Delores Arabian
Montserrat Archila and Issa Khoury
Edward and Kyle Baker
Yvonne Baner
Ellen Barnett, M.D.
Joseph Bavaresco and Richard Kawala
Hallie Beacham, M.D. and Mr. Paul Downey
Kim Bender and Nick Sanders
Shirley Bennett
Christine Berardo and Robert Markowitz
James and Gina Berry
Darnell Bowen and Alma Bowen
Cee Scott Brown and John Bjornen
Samantha Campbell
Sue Campbell and John McKinney
Daisy Cardenas and Miguel Perez
Theresa Christiansen
Tim and Linda Clougherty
Courtney Cochran and Ronald Du Preez
Dena and Richard Cochran
Tricia Coxhead and Jerry Anderson
Geoff and Nancy Dalwin
Anna Darden
Erika and Ross Dawkins
Dr. Lisa Gallagher Dayton and Mr. John Dayton
Edgar and Judy Deas
Melinda Dexter
Bridget Doherty
Judy Edmonds and E.J. Neil
Ann Elston and Larry Lossing
Barbara Epstein
Lynne Esselstein and Jon Joseph
Carroll Estes
Ron Ferrato and Olimpo Cerda
Amber Figueroa
Kerry Francis and John Jimerson
Bob Gain and Tim Wingard

Marie Gewirtz
Supervisor James Gore and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gore
Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb
Scott Hafner and Bill Glenn
Sarah and Parke Hafner
Mona Hanes and Kevin Gay
Joe and Joline Harrington
Kathryn and Ryan Hecht
Georgia and Ric Helthall
Ann and Don Hill
Susan Hogeland
Susan Hubbard
Amy and Christopher Hunsberger
Richard Iverson
Anne Jenkins
Marc Kahn and Jeanie Kahn
Terry Kemp
Dr. Laura Kimbro Chechile and Mr. Tom Chechile
Jean Lalla and Mark Stiger
Barbara Lannin
Esther Lemus and Doug Parker
Joel Lewis
Francisco Lopez and Shauna Lopez
Dan and Lee Magnuson
Ingrid Maltrud
Sophia Grace Mandrier
Denny Martin and Roy Reynolds
Steven Martin
Debbie Mason
Ashley and Cameron Mauritson
Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill
Tim McDonald and Bob Scott
Senator Mike McGuire and Mrs. Erika McGuire
Molly Meeker
Bill and Lisa Meisner
Donna and Eddie Merideth
Marilyn Michelon
Evelyn Mitchell and Tom O’Hair
Douglas and Julianne Muhleman

Katie and Denny Murphy
Jim and Chris Nantell
David and Lois Nitchman
Jerry and Alison Ogden
Claire O’Neill
Bruce and Mary Ott
Douglas Pile, M.D.
Dr. Robert Pousman and Mrs. Laura Pousman
Danielle Restieaux Murphy and
Matthew Murphy
Susan Rink
Katie Rosson and Gibson Scheid
Kathi and Rick Safford
David and Betty Scatena
Ralph and Janice Sceales
Malloy Schaffner
Hanna and Richard Scramaglia
Dr. Martha Shafer
Circe Sher and Mateo Granados
Bill and Danielle Smart
Maria Smith
Mary Ellen Smith
Wanda Tapia-Thomsen and Richard Thomsen
Karen Tappin and Family
Kirsten and Steve Tellez
Dr. John Tomasin and Mrs. Julie Tomasin
Dr. C. Roger Turk and Mrs. Stephanie Turk
Michael Valdovinos, PsyD, ABPP
and Mrs. Alison Valdovinos
Valla Family Foundation
Dr. R. Steven Vargas and Mrs. Susan Vargas
Kathy Vayder and Gregory Berg
Janet and Michael Verlander
The Villano Family
Deb Viola and Jake Jacobsen
Warren and Janis Watkins
Sam and Shelley Witten
Andrea Wolcott
Michelle Zygielbaum