Mental Health Talent Pipeline

Mental Health Talent Pipeline Recipients Are The Future Of Mental Health In Our Region

Sonoma County has a critical shortage of bilingual/bicultural mental health professionals which leads to extended wait times for bilingual/bicultural people who are already struggling to seek mental health services in our region.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for young professionals to afford to live here in Sonoma County. Young mental health professionals graduate from our local universities and are offered professional positions in other areas where they can earn higher wages and experience lower costs of living. We saw this problem and developed a solution working in partnership with varying donors who understand why we need bilingual/bicultural mental health support in our region.

The Mental Health Talent Pipeline retains and attracts bilingual/bicultural mental health professionals to serve in northern Sonoma County clinics, schools and nonprofit organizations that provide services to north county’s residents.

The program provides stipends to support bilingual/bicultural MFT, Nurse Practitioner, LCSW, or Psychology students with:

  • Graduate School scholarships
  • Stipends for trainee post-graduate period (MFT and Psychology) to earn hours  towards licensure
  • Sign-on incentives
  • Retention incentives

The Mental Health Talent Pipeline currently has twelve qualified candidates taking advantage of this great opportunity. For each licensed therapist we assume an average 1,000 patient hours annually in our region. Multiply that by a 30-year career and you can see the giant impact directly affecting the quality of health where we all live.

THANK YOU TO PARTICIPATING DONORS: Marc and Jeanie Kahn, Bancroft Foundation, Steven Ungerleider, Foundation for Global Sports Development, Mark Freed and Talon Creek Foundation

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