Ingrid Maltrud

Ingrid Maltrud is a brand marketing, research and communications expert with 25+ years of experience working with clients in financial services, technology and healthcare. Her expertise and leadership allows her to bring together the vision of strategy, the power of brand, the insights of research and the potency of human-centered marketing experiences to activate unique strategies to elevate brand and increase business opportunities. Ingrid is also adept at bringing together diverse groups or teams to inspire creative collaboration that leads to actionable ideas.

Ingrid thrives in challenging and dynamic environments where she can identify a clear purpose and strive for excellence in a way that inspires the same from her clients. As a leader, Ingrid is collaborative, direct in her communication style and focused on delivering results. In her process, she seeks to build clear lines of accountability to ensure the objectives at hand are achieved on time and on budget. She has served a 2-year service as a board member for Z Space, arts performance organization in San Francisco. Ingrid received her BA in Sociology from University of California, Santa Cruz.