Saluting our Webmaster Extraordinaire, Joel Lewis

Learn more about our long-serving data officer and webmaster.

Joel Lewis initially came to the Healthcare Foundation in a temporary role in 2015 to help with online and in-person support of our Wine Women & Shoes fundraiser, but our executive director was so impressed with his work that she offered him a permanent position. In 2019, Joel became the organization’s webmaster, taking on the technical aspects of keeping our website fresh and up-to-date. Although operating behind the scenes — or screens, as it were — from his home in Oregon, we could not do what we do without the skill, professionalism, and good cheer Joel brings to his work and the Healthcare Foundation’s mission. Here’s some more about Joel, in his own words, and with our sincere gratitude for his commitment as a valued member of the Healthcare Foundation’s small but mighty staff.

What is most meaningful to you about the work you do for the Healthcare Foundation?

The most meaningful part of working for the Foundation is being a part of an organization that ensures everyone can access the help they need on some of the worst days of their lives. I’ve worked with the Foundation through both the 2017 wildfires and the COVID pandemic, and I’ve seen what a difference we make. I’m very proud to know that my data reports, web pages, and e-newsletters help us raise the resources we need to lift up the underserved members of our community. I also feel blessed to work with such kind and supportive people as Kim, Mary, and Hanna.

What do you enjoy doing beyond the Healthcare Foundation?

Apart from the Healthcare Foundation, I maintain the donor database for the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), which works to connect scientists with policymakers. Outside of work, I follow several blogs, and one of my favorites often discusses the Effective Altruism movement and how to make the biggest impact in the world. I’ve got two nephews: one lives in Seattle, and I get to see him regularly; the other lives in Santa Rosa, and I’m hoping he and his parents will visit the Northwest soon.

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