Welcome Francisco Lopez!

An interview with the Healthcare Foundation's latest board member

Francisco, you joined the Healthcare Foundation in January. What made you want to become a Board Member?

The Healthcare Foundation is making an effort to be more diverse and represent the populations that they serve, and I wanted to help out in any way I could. Personally, I want to have a direct impact in the community and this board is an amazing group to be a part of.

Which part of our mission and vision speak the most to you?

As a former teacher (of English, History, and English Learning), early childhood education is really meaningful to me. My family also owns a vineyard in Santa Rosa called Aldina Vineyards. It’s important to me that our community of vineyard workers is being served here in Sonoma County. To add to that, my wife is a mental health care provider, so providing better access to mental health is a mission that I strongly support.

How has your experience been as a Board Member so far?

I couldn’t be more excited about advocating for the Latinx community, which is historically under-represented in Sonoma County. I want to help out in any way I can to support the Healthcare Foundation, and to advocate for all underserved communities. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Francisco, his sister Monica, and their parents Al and Dina Lopez are opening Bacchus Landing this summer. It’s an amazingly beautiful property just outside downtown Healdsburg on Westside Road. Click here for more information on the Lopez Family story.

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