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Healthcare Hero Spotlight on Elizabeth Gore

We are pleased and honored to count Elizabeth Gore among the Healthcare Foundation’s Healthcare Heroes, those donors who make sustaining multi-year pledges of support to our vision of eliminating health inequities in northern Sonoma County.

Elizabeth serves as President and Chairwoman of the Board for Alice, the first-ever artificial intelligence platform for business owners; previously served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell Technologies; and is part owner of Gore Family Vineyards in Sonoma County. Elizabeth is also the Emeritus Chair of the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council and previously served as the first-ever Entrepreneur in Residence for the UN Foundation and Vice President of Global Partnerships, where she founded strategic grassroots efforts such as Nothing But Nets, Girl Up, and Shot@Life. A former United States Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Bolivia, Elizabeth has also been a leader at organizations, like the Points of Light Foundation, Share Our Strength and the Texas A&M Foundation. She was named by People as one of the “Top 100 Extraordinary Women,” and is one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Women to Watch.” Elizabeth resides in Sonoma County with her husband, Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore, and her two children.

The following exchange took place in March, during Women’s History Month, when we asked Elizabeth to share some of her reasons for being a Healthcare Hero.

Can you tell us a little about your connection to Sonoma County?

Sonoma County, specifically Healdsburg, is where the men in my life were born: My husband – James Gore, my son – Jacob Gore and my best friend and brother in law – Tom Gore. The dirt and soil in this county runs through our family’s bloodline and I am proud to call this beautiful community home. To live in a place that is diverse in industry, topography and people, is a blessing. I even got my Mom and brother to move here from Texas! To keep our rich diversity, we have to ensure that all people have the opportunity to be provided with affordable housing, equitable jobs, and healthcare.

What made you become a Healthcare Hero?

It is absolutely critical that our community has access to healthcare. After working with the United Nations and the Peace Corps for years, I have seen what happens when accessible healthcare is not available. Economies collapse, families crack, and crime rises. A baseline of health must happen in order to have strong education, entrepreneurship and community.

What are you most passionate about in terms of the work you are supporting?

I personally experienced significant maternal health issues with pregnancy. I am very passionate that all women receive access to maternal and reproductive health. After all, you all have mothers right!?

You have really just answered our last question, but how do you see the work you are supporting in the context of Women’s History Month?

Yes — See above, ha ha! Seriously though, the world revolves around women. Women make up 75% of household spending decisions, they make 90% of education decisions, and they make babies. It is critical that we ensure that women have the healthcare they need to keep our world turning!

Since 2016, the combined pledges of our Healthcare Heroes have put over $900,000 to work in our region. To learn more, please click here.

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